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Friday, February 17, 2006

Happy birthday to me! Happy birthday to me!

I have just realized that The Mad Perseid blog is now over one year old, and has had over ten thousand hits! Thank you all for making this thing a bigger success than I thought possible, and I appologize for the prolonged absences. Sometimes, life gets in the way. Woo hoo!

And to celebrate, here're a few of my favourite Stargate: SG1 quotes:

O'Neill: "Captain, how do you know where to go in a place like this?"
Carter: "I studied the Tokra specs while we were on Vorash."
O'Neill: "You sure know how to have a good time."
Carter: "Having a good time now, sir."
O'Neill: "You go, girl!"

Jackson: "Teal'c, what is that?"
Teal'c: "A Goa'uld long-range visual communications device. Much like your television, but more advanced."
O'Neill:(TV Version) "Mmmm... Goa'uld TV..."
O'Neill:(DVD Version) "But does it get Showtime?" I've been told that that's the original quote, but it was changed to the other one when the SciFi channel took SG1 over from Showtime.

Teal'c: (Seeing a Jaffa fiddle with a mothership control) "O'Neill! Prepare yourself for..."
(Ship drops out hyperspace suddenly and O'Neill does the Dark Helmet bit from Spaceballs and flies head first into a bulkhead)
Teal'C: "...extreme deceleration!"
O'Neill: "Yeah, thanks, Teal'c."

Carter: "You know, you blow up one sun, and suddenly everyone expects you to walk on water."

Baal: "Do you not know the pain you will suffer for your impudence?"
O'Neill: "I don't know the meaning of the word. Seriously. 'Impudence'. What does it mean?"

Jackson: "What happened to you?"
O'Neill: "Carter."
Jackson: "She attacked you?"
O'Neill: "No, she tried to seduce me."
Jackson: "You... poor man."

O'Neill: "I come up with the Lost City, we go find it, yes or no?"
Kinsey: "No!"
O'Neill: (Looks at Dr. Weir) "Who are you, really, and why are you here?"
Dr. Weir: "I'll consider it."

Jacob/Selmac: "Jack, this ship will never fly again. I'd saying having the Supreme Commander of the Asgard Fleet owe you one is more important."
O'Neill: "Yeah. OK, the next mothership, we keep!"

O'Neill: (Sees Anubis' throne) "Nice!"
Jacob/Selmac: "Are you seriously considering salvaging this ship?"
O'Neill: "Why yes, yes I am."
Jacob/Selmac: "Jack, this ship belonged to Anubis."
O'Neill: "Excellent!"
Jacob/Selmac: "What if this is a Trojan Horse?"
O'Neill: (Waves his hands in the air) "Well, apparently, they did it wrong."

McKay: "Has a flair for the dramatic, doesn't he?"
Carter: "Yeah, pretty much all the Goa'uld are like that."
McKay: "But why wait? Why does the guy show up two days after this started to do his whole 'Prepare to meet your doom' bit?"
Carter: "I don't know. Maybe he wanted to make sure it was going to work first."
McKay: "That would be emberrasing, wouldn't it? 'Nothing can stop the destruction I bring upon you.' Then the gate shuts down. 'Oops, never mind!'"
Carter: "Yeah, well, that didn't happen, and we forty eight hours left."

Carter: "Why are you telling me this?"
McKay: "Just trying to bond."
Carter: "Why?"
McKay: "Hospital gowns turn me on."

Baal: "That one."
Jacob/Selmac: "How do you know?"
Baal: (Smirks) "I'm a God, all knowing."

Do you want to know more?

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Well, I'm still alive!

Woo hoo!!!!!!

No, just kidding! I had a crazy work schedule over the last month or so, working nights, sleeping days, so nothing much of anything got done, not even blogging. Bah humbug! At least that's over with now, and there won't be any more graveyard shifts anymore. I hope.

Any, Yu the Great celebrated his 40th birthday by relaxing and working through the night. Oh well, there'll be other 40th birthdays, I suppose. Nothing much lost. LOL! It's just a day, people, nothing to get excited about. Now, the day of your death, now that's something to get excited about. Either you learn all the secrets of the Universe(including who's got my Klingon Academy game CD), or you drop into the abyss of nothingness forever.

I have a couple of ideas about new blogging posts, so hopefully I'll get to that soon.

Hope to see you soon again.


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