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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Tecnology marches on

I saw something interesting at McDonald's this evening. An assistant manager was using some kind of hand-held unit to fill something out on it, then she checked the looks of the garbage bins and then she scanned something on the wall. I even went over to take a look. Sure enough, there was a barcode label stuck to one of the walls, near the garbage bins. She did this all over the restaurant.

My guess is that's how they track how well the peons are doing their work. Then they can create a nice presentation from it, complete with blinking words and colorful pie charts. All of it will be stunningly beautiful, though ultimately useless since it's easier to just tell the peons to clear out the garbage bins more often. Though, given the history of that particular restautant, maybe not.

For the longest time I refused to go into that particular one after work(the only time I can go there), mostly because by the time I get there, all the adult managers and assistant managers have left for the day, leaving the kids behind on their own with maybe a slightly older kid to oversee them. Now, let me tell you, that is one bad idea. They didn't want to work, they wanted to play, to crack jokes, to laugh and giggle and horse around. I gave them the benefit of the doubt, of course, I didn't automatically assume they were always like that. I was wrong.

So, I quit going. Then, after half a year or so, I decided to give them another try. And that's when I discovered that with adult managers and assistant managers present, it was a completely different restaurant. Of course, I don't go there all the time(it is McDonald's, after all), but for those rare occasions when I have a craving for one of their uber tasty strawbery sundaes with nuts, it's the perfect substitute for food. Mmmmm... strawbery sundaes. Loaded with much sugary goodness, it is an excellent way to round out a day.

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