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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Take your well-earned place, please

A new movie has now officially gaind the top spot on my Worst Movies Ever list. This movie is called Space Fury, and it is by far the absolutely worst non-Japanese produced sci-fi movie. Japanese sci-fi will always top any Worst Movies Ever list, that's why it has to be specifically excluded.

Needless to say, Michael Paré sure knows how to pick 'em, and this was certainly no winner of any kind of awards, except perhaps for the most unrealistic portrayal of Russians I've seen in a long time. For the most unrealistic portrayal of American troops, you must see the movie Act of War. In Space Fury, things get blown up, Russian separatists hatch a plot that outlives them, a Moscow prostitute is murdered, a Russian police detective(hah! I've seen Cops in Moscow, they can't fool me!) glares impotently, an American scientist is driven crazy, a misile is launched at a space station, an orbiting laser battery opens fire and a black American athlete makes a complete ass of himself as a space tourist.

This movie has all the proper credentials to be so bad, so awful, that it is virtually impossible to tear oneself away from it. It sucks the life out you, and the only to get it back is by blogging about it.

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