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Friday, January 13, 2006

Quantum computers, is it?

I just found this news article, and I have to say that the headline is quite a bit misleading. “Researchers Develop Quantum Processor” Well, it sounds great, but is actually pretty misleading. They didn't develop a processor, so far as I can tell, they just developed a quantum chip. And when I say “just”, I don't mean that in any kind of derogatory way. Hell, a “quantum” chip, people! That's a hell of an accomplishment. And way beyond me, I'm afraid. “With quantum mechanics, an object can be in two places at the same time, as long as you don't look at it...” I don't even understand that!

But my understand, or lack thereof, isn't at issue here. The issue is the headline. Or does Yahoo, or whoever wrote the articule, not understand the difference between “chip” and “processor”? Sure, one day it can lead to a quantum processor, but I don't think it's there yet, so why call it what it's not?

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At Tue Jan 31, 12:08:00 PM AST, Blogger Clifford said...

That's the whole point of headlines, to get your attention so you read the article... All the time I'm finding that it was misleading.

Take the example of "Judge offers a choice: Join the Army or go to jail" which I saw on Findory. I think "WTF? has the american military got to the point that they're drafting CRIMINALS!?!?!".

I read the article, and the truth of the matter is that they guy tried to use joining the military AS A DEFENSE. He said he wanted to enlist, but couldn't if he was in jail. So the judge said, "no problem, go and enlist and I'll let you off - if you haven't enlisted within 30 days we'll throw your ass in jail".

The headline was certainly misleading.


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