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Saturday, January 14, 2006

It's a strange world out there

First, we have this story about a 'vampyre' wanting to become Governor of Minnesota. He also wants to impale captured terrorists in front of the state Capitol building. Seems he doesn't quite understand why civilized countries don't create public spectacles out of such things. He also hates “God the Father”, but not His followers and worships Satan. Well, I suppose, why not. In this promiscuous and permissive world, if a woman can marry a dolphin, why can't some Devil-worshipper run for governor and beyond?

Next, we have a story about an elderly woman running her car off the road and being stuck for several days. She was reported missing, but the police didn't even know where to start looking, because her crashed was completely hidden from view. She was finally rescued when a truck driver, who sat much higher than normal car drivers, finally spotted her car stuck in some blackberry bushes and called for rescue. The old lady survived for all those days by sponging up the condensation on her windshield and windows and drinking it. Way to go, lady, great job! The irony is that her car was full of groceries, but she couldn't reach them.

It turns out that I may be a bit of a pervert. When I first read that first story, all I could think after I finished silently congratulating her for her quick thinking and being thankful that it all turned out quite well was, “Mmmmm.... blackberries..... Mmmmmm......”.


At Sun Jan 15, 12:51:00 AM AST, Blogger Frodo Corleone said...

Elderly people don't eat that much anyways.

I can't believe I missed the woman-dolphin marriage story. People are going crazy.


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