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Thursday, December 01, 2005

What is this town coming to?

So a couple of days I came out of the apartment to go to work and noticed that the neighbour's car had a completely flat tire. I thought nothing of it, maybe they had a flat, maybe they damaged the stem. So I went to work, and afterwards I went to get gas and that's when I noticed that one of my tires was completely flat. After pumping in 30psi of fresh, beautiful air, I drove home. A neighbour told me several cars had their tires slashed. In the morning, I came out and found that tire completely flat. When I took the car in for service, the tire guy found a 1.5" wide slit.

Now, all I want to know is what are you people thinking? How does that brain of yours work? Do you wake up in the morning thinking, “Well, today I'm gonna slit someone's tires!”? And really, have you nothing better to do? You did it at night, so obviously you don't work or go to school. Grow up.


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