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Monday, December 26, 2005

Well, it was to be expected, I suppose

I came across an interesting article today. Basically, swap meets for sex in business establishments are now legal in Canada. The Surpreme Court sayeth so! Personally, I couldn't care less what sound-minded adults, in full possession of their faculties are doing of their own free will with each behind closed doors. Of course, that's exxageration for conversational effect; there must always be limits to everything. But in general, it holds true. If people want to meet at a bar and have sex with each other behind closed doors(or curtains), why is that any different from going to a bar, picking someone up and going home with them, issues of health aside?

But we're all sliding down a slippery slope and where it'll end, nobody knows. We've all accepted these things as inevitable, and in time, we don't even think about them anymore. The guy from Canadian Family Action Coalition(abbreviated as CFAC, which just struck me as funny for some reason), is upset that we have Surpeme Court judges “...literally imposing a new moral standard...”. He's worried about that? Not a year ago Canadian Surpreme Court judges literally imposed gay marriage on Canadians, even though nobody was entirely sure that Canadians, en masse, supported such a notion. But, as is often the case, nobody talks about that anymore.

Should swap meets even be discussed at the federal level, apart from when to hold them, I mean? It can be said that gay marriage affects federal mandates, such as labour laws and taxation and the like? But swap meets? What do a bunch of strangers who get together for free sex have to do with the federal government?

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At Mon Dec 26, 09:27:00 AM AST, Blogger GreyGuy said...

>> Canadian Surpreme Court judges literally imposed gay marriage on Canadians

You mean they now force people to marry people of their own sex now? That is a change!

Peace. I knew what you really meant and it's true: it doesn't seem to have turned out to be such a big deal.


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