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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Wacky Canadians, and the Universe at war

At first, I thought it was a joke. After all, the story first came from PRWeb which is a free press release website that essentially anybody can use. But then I found the man's Wiki page and now I just don't know what to think. I mean, really, what is Canada coming to?

That a man who has been a Deputy Prime Minister and a Minister of Defense of a serious country(at least, it used to be) can come out and accuse the President of an allied country of formenting an intergalactic war(interstellar war is not enough for him? - we have to worry about a war between galaxies now?) and not be publicly laughed at is not a good sign for this country. Personally, I think that Yahoo News was kinda trying to subliminally indicate they thought he was full of crap when they put the following quote into their article:
The Canadian Senate, which is an appointed body, has held objective, well-regarded hearings and issued reports on controversial issues such as same-sex marriage and medical marijuana.
If by “objective” they mean supporting the desires of the Liberal Party and by “well-regarded” they mean saying what the groups likely to scream the loudest otherwise wanted to hear, then yes, I agree, the man's full of crap. But there's a larger issue at stake here, one that affects Canada now, as a whole.

Canada is currently sliding down the slippery slope of hatred-du-jour, and it will be very difficult to climb back up again. Our country, and more importantly, our entire political landscape is being more and more defined by hatred of America in general and Bush in particular and less and less by Canada and Canadian issues. Unlike Canadian politics, American politics are transitory in nature. Bush will be gone in less than 3 years and what then? Canadian politicians(read the Liberal Party) are so used to being able to divert the country from problems by simply barking up the American tree that I wonder what will happen when that's not an option anymore. I got flamed the last time I wrote about this subject, mostly because so many people(I'm guessing Canadians) misinterpreted my post as being too pro-American when, in fact, it was actually pro-Canadian.

However, that's neither here nor there, but actually someplace else. Back to the intergalactic warmongering Bush. What I don't quite get is anybody can say this with a straight face and expect people to believe them, not to mention believe it themselves. I realize the man's basically a pinko, but even they should have some brains. And what about our media? How about saying negative about it rather than just reporting it? Of course the man has the right to say and believe what he wants, even if it makes him look a fool. But shouldn't the media do a bit more than just repeat what he said? How about some analysis? Demand for proof? Or even a simple “they can travel thousands of light-years to get here and are worried about a few piddly weapons we might deploy on the moon?”

This “hate America first and think tenth” disease is apparently very debilitating to the mind. I hope these people get well soon.

P.S. This whole story might still turn out to be a hoax. If it is, “Never miiiiind....”

P.P.S. More and more do I believe that this whole is a hoax, and it's all thanks to the PeaceInSpace website. Remote viewing? Interviews with the “Galactic Federation Leader”? That's some bad New Age stuff you people are smoking.

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At Sat Dec 17, 11:30:00 PM AST, Anonymous mensplay said...

Could not have said it better myself.

At Wed Aug 23, 11:29:00 PM ADT, Blogger akinglikeu said...

i see you are not at all a researcher. don't care i suppose, believe only what you see type of thing, yaya, it's typical. what Hellyer says may not be as far fetched as you blindly assume. i've seen footage of Tesla's death ray beeing fired at a space craft in the upper atmosphere, if you'd research a little, like try for example, you'd find this footage also. the key is always your level of interest, in anything you learn. ufology today i think is finally over the ridicule phase, it's more ridiculous to ridicule than to do some investigating, the internet is such a jewel for that kind of thing, and boy do i laugh at anyone who so ignorantly states that the internet is just full of bull. now there's a joke! that ground is quick sand. and all the "special" books you can order from the internet. all i'm saying is there are tons of information out there, which of course you need to filter for truth, if this step had been taken, you'd know that ridiculing Mr Hellyer is out of order.


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