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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

They Came Back

What is it with the Europeans, and in this case specifically the French, and weird movies? They Came Back wasn't actually a bad movie, per se, but it was definitely weird. Called Les Revenants in French, it's a movie about people who have come back from the dead. Now, you may thinking, “My Lord Yu, what's so weird about that? There're tons of movies about people who come back from the dead.” And after I deal with your insolence for questioning my word, I explain.

It's not your average, run of the mill, zombie movies. These zombies are in perfect health(except their body temperature is 5°C lower than normal), they return well dressed, but they're odd. They're not responding to their surroundings the way normal people do, not even the way zombies do. Since they're all recently deceased(not more than 10 years), France(and the rest of the world), tries to integrate them back into society. They even brought the UN into this; something about the recently-dead-but-no-more are just like refugees. I wasn't aware that the recently undead enjoyed UN protection; Blade would be crushed. Basically, it's The 4400 without the special effects or superpowers but with 70 million people instead of just, well, 4,400.

The film doesn't bother even exploring, much less explaining, how or why the dead have back. No one, throughout the whole films, even appears to be curious about it. The other thing that struck me as a bit weird is that everyone seems to have been taking all this in stride. There much sighing going on, but apart from that they were all cool, calm and collected. Well, all except for Rachel who kept taking her clothes off for her dead-but-no-longer-though-somewhat-vague husband. It must be admitted however, that Géraldine Pailhas is really hot.

Though the film doesn't really answer any questions, or indeed even ask them in the first place, it's actually an enjoyable movie, if for no other reason than trying to figure the whole thing out.

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