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Monday, December 05, 2005

The squirrels are coming, the squirrels are coming!

So instead of the Mongols, Russians now have to contend with crazed squirrels. In typically post-modern style, I postulate a conspiracy theory that the Cats™ and the Squirrels® have formed an alliance to destroy the Dogs©. What proof do I have? Proof? I need no proof, it merely matches my beliefs about the evilness of the Cats™ and especially the Squirrels® and the pure victimhood of the Dogs©.

We here in North America had better watch out, though. The Squirrel-Net™ is very well developed if somewhat stealthed. We can never know what an unprovoked attack on the inoffensive dog population will occur. But are dogs really the innocent victims they portray themselves to be? They are, after all, closely allied with Da Man©, that most hated of the land mammals.

Watch the news, dear friends. Soon shall we know all. Or, at least, suspect more.

And if you're not tired of all things squirrely, here's a dinner table tidbit.

Do you want to know more?
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At Tue Dec 06, 07:06:00 PM AST, Anonymous Realmspace said...

Damn nice to have you back and especially that wit!


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