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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Shootings in Toronto

This is not going to be a short article, so beware!

A 15yo girl was killed in downtown Toronto on Boxing Day. She wasn't even a target, from what I can tell, she just caught a stray bullet. Six other people were also injured, one critical. A sad day, a sad day, so everyone keeps saying, together with the usual mantra of lack of identity and alienation and all that. It even made news in the US, mostly because of Canada's blame America first mindset.

And sad and disgusting though all this is, why all the hand-wringing?

Must be because it's the first murder in Toronto through the 2005 year. No, that's not it.

Maybe it's because it's the first gun-related incident(or, for that matter, death) in 2005. No, no, that's not it. She wasn't even the first innocent bystander who got in the way of a stray bullet.

I'm confused. Is this not what society wanted when it created the ludicrously weak judicial system, the ineffectual schools and their worthless teachers, the pervading permissiveness and the broken families? Is this not what parts of society wants when it refuses to provide police with information about murders and other crimes? Is this not what society wanted when it gave weapons only to police and criminals?

This is what comes of all these policies enacted decades ago. Banning hand guns will have no appreciable effect, because the guns being used in these crimes are already illegal, in one way or another. We wasted two billion dollars on an ineffectual gun registry, and then we want to ban them?

Will a new identity of self help these... people? I don't know, but such an identity isn't something that just spontaneously happens overnight. It's an accumulation of many different things, all coming together at some point in time, and it's different for everybody. My guess is that these... kids... have nothing to believe in, and that's sad. Taught to believe in nothing and to respect nothing, they have no real appreciation for their communities, their society or their country. And, dare I say it, for whatever God their parents may or may not believe in. Or, for that matter, not even their own parents.

Canada's first reaction to any sort of crisis is to show how this(whatever this happens to be at any given moment) is America's fault. In this case, it's guns, and how the evil America is exporting its problems north of the border. Yes, I can see it now:
George Bush: “Karl, how else can we screw up Canada? After all, we stole all their good actors already.”
Karl Rove: “Georgie, we can send 'em more guns than usual. Their people will go crazy and we can steal all their water.”
The problem with this view is that it obviates Canada in general, and Canadians individually, from trying to solve the problem. “Ban the handguns!”, they roar, “If only America would stop exporting their violence!”, they add, but handguns aren't the problem; they're merely a symptom. Half a year ago, a man with dual American/Canadian citizenship and a bloody chainsaw walked across the border from New Brunswick to Maine and was admitted into the United States by the authorities.

“Stupid Americans!”, the Canadians wailed. “How could they let him in?” But in the midst of that wailing and anti-American orgiastic flows was burried an interesting tidbit of data: on the day he crossed the border into the US, was supposed to be in a Canadian court for a sentencing hearing, the man killed an elderly family. And when requested to, the American authorities found, detained and arrested the man in less than a day. The question, then, should've been: “Why was he released from Canadian custody”, not “Why did the Americans let him”.

What it all boils down to is that Canada has invested so much heart and energy into being “not American” that we have forgotten how to simply “be Canadian”, and hence the solutions to our problems tend to be judged from their percentage of being “not American”, not from their usefulness or validity. Will banning the handguns work? Probably not. People committing these crimes are already criminals, and are unlikely to abide by whatever the new rules happen to be.

Blaming it all on the poor isn't the answer either, since the vast majority of them don't commit crimes. There needs to be a more balanced approach to this, and it isn't all related to giving more and more money to the poor.

It has to start with the parents who can teach something more than “If you don't act the same way you did before, I don't love you anymore and I'm going to leave you.”

It has to start with schools which can teach something more than phonetically spelled English and lessons in how to diddle your 14yo student.

It has to start with churches which can teach something more than “Don't tell anyone I diddled you, but if anyone finds out, I'll just get moved to a different church and no one will be the wiser.”

It has to start with politicians who spend years as Finance Minister and then blow the whistle on major financial wrongdoing within the government while they still have something to lose, and not claim later that they didn't know it was going on under their very noses.

And first and foremost, it has to start with society that expects its children to be children, and just short adults that suffer no serious consequences(if at all) for any misdeeds, no matter how obscene or evil.

Do you want to know more?
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At Wed Dec 28, 03:54:00 PM AST, Blogger Raging Wombat said...

You left a comment on my ugly overload blog.
Answer: Yes, I will be posting daily, and hope to actually get some traction on this blog.
I would appreciate a link. I looked over your site, and would be happy to link to your blog in return (I have another blog as well). Just let me know.

At Wed Dec 28, 11:19:00 PM AST, Blogger Sports Bettor said...

1 shooting and it is the biggest news in Canada. Who cares?


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