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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

A little joke in the meantime

Professor Smith was teaching a class on anatomy at an all-girls private school. He asked Jane to name the organ of the body that can swell to ten times its normal size.

“I don't appreciate that kind of question, Professor Smith,” Jane replied stiffly. “You can be sure my parents will hear about this.”

Unfazed, he asked Cathy the same question.

Without hesitation, she replied, “The pupil of the eye.”

Professor Smith then turned to Jane and said, “Jane, I have three things to say you. One: you have a perverted mind. Two: you have not studied your lessons. And three: one day you will be faced with a dreadful dissappointment.”

Do you want to know more?


At Tue Dec 20, 07:19:00 PM AST, Anonymous Soh said...

Goddamn it. You watched Kinsey this weekend didn't you?


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