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Friday, December 02, 2005

Freegans not vegans

Well, that kinda rhymes, doesn't it?

There's a story circulating out there about people who root around other people's garbage looking for food that can still be eaten. There's something very disturbing about that. These people aren't poor and they're not homeless, they just take a philosophical stand against waste. That's what they say, at any rate; I just call them cheap. They call themselves “freegans”.

It's true that we throw out too much food(though I question the 40-50% study referenced in the story), but I don't know what condition it's in when it hits the garbage bin. Nobody separates their throwaway-but-edible foods from their spoiled foods or from other contaminants. I can see it now. You accidentally break a vial of iodine, throw it out with the rest of your garbage, it contaminates some letuce you've also thrown away, a freegan eats the letuce, promptly falls ill and then sues you. That's just what you need.

Not to mention the stench. Garbage stinks, especially in the summer, and that stench permeates everything in the bin. I wouldn't be able to look in the face of a head of lettuce after I've met some of its friends in the bin.

And then there's pride. I'm not talking about pride in your own holiness that keeps you from getting medical help for your child. I'm taking about more generalized pride. It may be a commodity the homeless can't afford, but I've never been a big believer in false humility or acting to the lowest common denominator.

Feel free to disagree.

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