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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

What have I been up to?

After all these months, you may be wondering what I have been up to. Well, first of all, I rewired my home network to simplify it, and it was a stunning success. It seems that it is now more stable than before, there's a price to pay. Before I touched it, it looked something like this:
Old NetworkEvery PC had two network cards in it, one was for the local network that interconnected all my machines for print and file sharing. The other network card eventually plugged into my router for Internet access. Thus all machines had Internet and local network access, but it was a clumsy, cumbersome affair. When I first moved into my apartment, I had to drill three holes from the computer room to the living room. One was for telephone TV, since become extinct. The other two were for LAN and Internet access from the living room. This was before I had a wireless router. Once I got one of those, I simply stopped using one of the cables.

Now my network looks like this. Each machine has only one network card, and the laptop has a just a wireless one. Only one hub is now active and it connects two machines that line that far wall. My main computer is sitting right beside the router, so it connects directly in, the other two are connected through their hub, and the laptop has a wireless connection directly to the router. The two file servers are Linux boxes and they connect no problem to both the Windows LAN and the Internet, the laptop can access the Internet and the file servers wirelessly, and more importantly, I'm much happier now that when I unplug the power cord from the laptop, I can still access all the files.New NetworkOf course, there is a price to pay for all these benefits. My hub and network cards are all 10/100, meaning I can get up to 100Mbps on the wire. The wireless part of this network is now the bottleneck. Before, the file transfers from the laptop to the file servers(say, after I come back home and want to upload my pictures from the laptop) were at 100Mbps. Now, because the only connection is the wireless one, it is limited to 54Mbps. This means that if I want to get double the speed, I have to connect the laptop to the network with a wire. I guess it's not really such a big problem since I still have a wire in the living room. It's the principle of the thing, however.

One of the reasons I did all this was because I installed that 2nd server, a dual Athlon MP 1200Mhz system with 512MB RAM and 200GB of disk space. I really didn't feel like installing two network cards and pulling one more wire(the 1st wire was already in place). So, after a day of work and much swearing, I finally got it to work. Hurray!
I also got back into personal programming by writing a game called Defend. It's something of a homage to the old Trek games, but really, I only did it as a brain exercise. Currently, it is only available on Windows, but I'm planning on releasing a Linux version soon. You may download a working beta version by following the link above, but a more complete version is coming soon.
I also started cooking again, and have so far completely failed to poison myself.
On the work front, I got laid off from my job and was then immediately rehired without stepping foot outside the office.

That's been my life so far. Hope you enjoyed it.
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At Wed Nov 16, 05:55:00 PM AST, Blogger SOH said...

Techno-nerd junior wants to know why you needed two types of network cards? He likes the idea of a server. We're going to try that after Christmas when we will have a spare computer with some hard drive capacity kicking around.

At Thu Nov 17, 07:56:00 AM AST, Blogger Yu The Great said...

It wasn't two types of network cards, it was just two network cards. It was a very old setup, before I had a proper router and long before there was proper routing within a Micro$soft OS. I wanted to separate the two traffic types, Internet and LAN, but there's just no need for that.


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