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Thursday, November 24, 2005

They blew up Betsy!

Well, OK, I don't know that her name was Betsy(it probably wasn't), but she was kinda hot, in a “beat you over the head with questions about clowns” way.

To wit.

As many(some, all, few, whatever) of you know, I'm a bit(well, OK, quite a bit) addicted to Stargate: SG1. One of my goals from earlier in the year was to get all the seasons of the show on DVD; I'm proud to say that I have accomplished that goal. That said, however, it must be admitted that I wasn't really a very big fan of Stargate: Atlantis in the first season. It looked more of the same to me, but with animals with a pedigree ruling the galaxy. And it became a soap opera almost immediately. On the other hand, the acting was great, the humour took the edge off the darkness of the underlying plot and the stories really weren't all that bad.

The second season has, in my opinion, much improved the show. Of course, they have a ship now, and that seriously improved the old show(before it becamse a Dominion War soap opera), just as it has Atlantis. There's a new character, too, one who does much to counter-balance the political correctness leanings of some of the others.

But what the show really needed was information about the Wraith, the main enemies, and the first season provided virtually none of that. Now, the Wraith are shown in a different light. Still the genocidal maniacs who eat entire planets, they're shown to be able to devise defenses to unusual attacks, as well as having some sort of societal structure. However, the fact remains that we're sadly ignorant of the more critical aspects of Wraith lives.

Does the WETH(Wraiths for Ethical Treatment of Humans) organization exist in the Pegasus galaxy? Do they try to put an end to the disgusting practice of eating one's pets? Or putting them in danger during major space battles? Do they write letters about how it's OK to blow up another hive queen's ship, but please leave your pets out of it? Do they make impassioned pleas for vegetarianism or is sucking the life out of an elm sadly unsatisfying?

Do the Wraith celebrate Wrthmas? That would be the day that the first Ancient came home from a hard day exploring some misbegotten cave on some uncharted planet and sucked the life right out of his family? On Wrthmas, do the Wraith give their pets presents? Maybe a new pair of boots or maybe a new dress. Betsy seemed well dressed and not particularly starved.

Which brings up another question. What do the pets eat? Exactly which hive ship is responsible for producing food for the pets that won't cause Mad Human disease?

If a Wraith pet owner gets really, really hungry and eats his pet, will he feel bad about it afterwards? Will his buddies on the hive ship make fun of him?

Those are the questions, and more besides, burning bright in my mind. The thought of blowing up Betsy made me feel sad, so sad.

Do you want to know more?
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At Thu Nov 24, 04:09:00 PM AST, Blogger Tara said...

I'm not a fan of Stargate SG1 OR Atlantis, and neither was the hubby. However since then he's worked as a lighting Technicial on Stargate Atlantis and has now changed his mind. I guess it's because he has the inside info on why they were doing what they did.

At Sun Nov 27, 05:13:00 PM AST, Blogger Semaj said...

I liked DS9s "Dominion War soap opera" then again, i've always liked that trek show the best.

Stargate: Atlantis is dark, but from what i've seen like you said, the writing isnt bad at all.

I really really enjoy reading your blog, any blog that mentions Seaquest, DS9, SG and other scf-fi shows gets my attention


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