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Saturday, November 19, 2005

SG1 Season IX

The new season of Stargate: SG1, Season 9, is finally upon us. It started off kinda slow, which was to be expected, considering that they're basically starting the show over again, with new characters, new enemies, hopefully new alies, and the like.

A couple things I'm a bit worried about. First, I hope it doesn't turn into a soap opera. The first three episodes of this season are basically one episode, a very long one episode. This is very similar to Season I, where the first 3 episodes were basically about the same thing. I hope they cut that out after the third episode airs. I don't mind the odd two-parter, but I don't want them one after the other.

One thing that surprised me about the second part of the S9 premier was the on-screen, full-in-yer-face burn-a-woman alive then show the charred remains sequence. Of course, they resurrected her a few moments later, but even so, it was surprising. Though, I'm not entirely sure why I'm surprised. It is running on Space, after all, and virtually every programs that airs on that station includes a violence warning. Enterprise even used to carry mature audience only warnings on some of the episodes. Maybe it's a one-off, like the full frontal nudity or the surprisingly graphic sequence of the symbiot burrowing into a person's neck in SG1 pilot, Children of the Gods. Well, only time will tell.

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At Sat Nov 19, 02:54:00 PM AST, Anonymous Son of Soh said...

I thought the same thing: they're starting the show all over again, using the same character types but different actors.

At Sat Nov 19, 04:47:00 PM AST, Blogger Yu The Great said...

I certainly hope they're not going to do another O'Neill, I hope Browder's going to have a chance to do his own character in his own way.

At Sat Nov 19, 06:28:00 PM AST, Anonymous son of soh said...

No. I think Browder is O'Neill reincarnated by the writers via the Stephen King method: If a plot or character works, reuse it/them again and again.


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