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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

The Oblongs, the cartoon

There's a crazy cartoon out there called The Oblongs. It's about a family of mutants who live in the poluted part of their town. The father has no arms or legs(though apparently he's really good in bed), the wife has no hair and is a lush, one kid has ADD, another kid has a growth on her head that apparently came from bovine growth hormones, and the other two kids are actually one and a half because they're cojoined.

Their friends are no better off. One has no lower jaw, another is a sickly-looking French Goth girl and another one is so fat she usually takes up half the screen.

That said, the father is a loving though none-too-bright head of the family and the mother is the nymphoniac glue that holds the whole thing together. In one of the episodes, the ADD boy couldn't get any sleep for weeks because he was used to falling asleep to the rhythmic thumping of the parents' headboard against the wall and the mother wailing, "Oh God! Oh God!" throughout the festivities. Unfortunately, the parents couldn't get on to any hanky-panky because a stripper had stepped on the father's penis and injured it. Did I mention he has no legs and is therefore built close to ground?

This cartoon runs very late at night, thankfully. In most ways it is more disgusting than Family Guy, The Simpsons and American Dad put together. It is also much funnier, in many ways. Thank the Middle-of-the-road-Deity for PVR.

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At Tue Nov 22, 03:10:00 PM AST, Blogger SOH said...

It reminds me of my childhood :-)


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