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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Government defeated

So the crazy so-called “minority” Liberal government of Canada has been defeated. Hurray! Kick those gun-registry-lovin', feminist-suckup, Quebec-bribin' fools out of power. Of course, that's really only the first step. Need some fresh blood in the Halls of Valhala(no, wait, umm, sorry, I meant the Parliament Building). Of course, Canadians aren't likely to replace them during the upcoming elections, Canadians love their Liberals too much and dislike the so-called evil Conservatives. My fear is that the NDP will gain real power and that would be a disaster(damn reds and greens), but we'll see. We'll see.

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At Sun Dec 04, 10:15:00 AM AST, Anonymous CB said...

I'm sure we will re-elect a Liberal Government. Poeple will vote Liberl just to ensure the Conservatives don't get in.

The Conservatives did themselves in with Mike Harris. They may never recover from his all to long term in office.

Layton has no back bone or leadership abilities. He shows over and over again that he is a follower not a leader.


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