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Thursday, November 17, 2005

China, the Internet and eBay

I discovered something a while ago while browsing eBay for various things: the Chinese list a lot of crap on it. Which is kinda odd, because those people can't even read this blog. So, the question arises: should a country that floods the world with cheap crap but doesn't allow their own people to read a blogging site available worldwide be allowed to further flood the world with cheap crap on eBay?

For a long time, I thought maybe it's the language difference. I don't, after all, write in Chinese. Nor do I have such a swelled head as to think that the Chinese must read my blog. But the fact remains that since February of this year, this blog has received hits from places on this cwazy planet that not only did I not know had Internet access, but ones that I didn't even know existed. And not all of them are natively English speakers, nor do they all use a Latin-based alphabet. And in all that time that I've received hits from Taiwan, I've received none from China.

For a country that doesn't like the words 'freedom' and 'Taiwan' on an MSN-based blog, it sure is in a hurry to sell us more crap.

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