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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Of D.E.B.S., or how to make silly lesbian movies even sillier

Of all the silly movies recommended to be lately, one of the sillier ones has to be D.E.B.S.. Basically a send-up of spy movies, it's the live-action version(reimagining???) of Totally Spies with lesbianism thrown in for good measure.

The plot revolves about hot young women in short skirts recruited by a governmental paramilitary origanization(D.E.B.) to fight crime, the evil kind, the kind that wants to take over the world... or blow up Australia, because it has a bad attitude.

Lucy Diamonds: “Australia's toast!”
Scud: “What have you got against Australia?”
Lucy Diamonds: “I don't like their attitude.”

The plot(or something) thickens when one of DEBS falls in love with the evil girl, who apparently is just misunderstood and had a rough childhood. According to viewer comments, the film was shown at a Gay and Lesbian film festival, though it's hard to see why. Is the G&L community so desperate for movies with G&L content that they'll even take one that, sans the lesbian content, would be unwatchable?

Well, maybe that's not entirely true. It's really not a bad movie, all things considered. It's funny, the girls are pretty and are scantily dressed, even the (supposedly) evil ones. They have some cool gadgets and their method of going on a stake-out is hillarious. In the end, I give a 6.5 out of 10.

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