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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

My goal

I have a goal!

No, this isn't the one about wenches and clubs. This one is about this blog, and that goal is to have the content portion longer than the right-hand sidebar, and hopefully of decent, readable material. At the moment, I'm OK, but if I post nothing more today, with the first post tomorrow the sidebar will be longer. This goal is consuming my waking moments, and the sleeping ones, too. Woe, thy name is The Mad Perseid!

Do you want to know more?


At Tue Aug 09, 04:56:00 PM ADT, Blogger SOH said...

Goals are a wonderful thing to have and this one will, no doubt, change your life -- if achieved.

At Tue Aug 09, 05:08:00 PM ADT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

'Reel Paradise' Feels Like Anything But
You have to know that every documentarian has at least one reality TV show in him or her, and you ... But James,whose epochal Hoop Dreams is to the modern documentary what The Real World is to the reality genre,borrows liberally from both conventions to tell the tale of the Piersons, a New York ...
Wow! I like your blog! I be back and so will my friends. Looks like you've found your niche.

I have a networking site.

Come and take a look when you get time.


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