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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

More SG1 Quotes

Goa'uld Spy: “How did you come by the mothership?”
Jack O'Neil: “We made a deal with Cronus.”
Spy: “What kind of deal?”
O'Neill: “He gave us the mothership.”
Spy: “And what did Cronus get?”
O'Neill: “Cronus got... what was coming to him.”

Sam Carter: “This is the sun that Vorash is orbiting.”
Jacob Carter/Selmak: “We want to blow it up.”

O'Neill and Jacob are having an argument about saying they're doomed prematurely
O'Neill: “I distinctly remember you saying we weren't going to make it.”
Jacob: “I over-reacted.”
O'Neill: “Well, we made it. So maybe next time you could reserve judgement.”
Jacob: “What, and miss my last chance of being right?” Walks away.
O'Neill: “What?”
Sam: “Welcome to my world.”
O'Neill: “What?”

O'Neill and Carter are power-walking through a Goa'uld mothership.
Carter: “This way, sir.”
O'Neill: “Carter, how do you know which way to go in a place like this?”
Carter: “I studied the specs while we've been aboard.”
O'Neill: “You sure know how to have a good time.”
Carter: “Having a good time now, sir.”
O'Neill: “You go, girl.”

And now, my favourite SG1 expression!
Apophis: “Kree, Jaffa!”

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