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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Just joined a new traffic program

I've just joined the Blog Advance traffic exchange program. We'll see if this one turns out better than the currently barely-functioning BlogExchange.

Blog Advance Blog Advance

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At Thu Aug 04, 05:24:00 PM ADT, Blogger SOH said...

Do you mean blogexchange or blogexplosion? I find BE is performing bery poorly these days.

At Thu Aug 04, 05:56:00 PM ADT, Blogger The Mad Perseid said...

BlogExplosion, yes, my appologies. It's supposed to have worked out the new traffic rotation by now, but I'm getting a hit once every 3 or 4 hours, which is ridiculous.

At Thu Aug 04, 11:11:00 PM ADT, Blogger SOH said...

Well, I think they have tried to add too many bells and whistles instead of sticking to the original function. Its always the same old story. particular teenager is now available for immediate adoption if you are sharing your beer!

At Fri Aug 05, 12:03:00 AM ADT, Blogger The Mad Perseid said...

LOL! That's not the first time someone's offered to sell, rent, lease or adopt me their children! Hahahaha!


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