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Friday, August 05, 2005

Driving on fumes

I have a question for my readers. Short of actually running out, what's the smallest amount of fuel you've ever driven into a gas station with? I once put in 54 liters of gas, and the manual said I have a 53 liter tank.

Do you want to know more?


At Sun Aug 07, 02:26:00 AM ADT, Anonymous Promogal said...

I do this all the time, my car seems to run quite well on fumes.

No doubt one dark day I will actually run out and have to call Realmspace to come & get me.... thus subjecting myself to a lifetime of jokes and brotherly lectures.

At Mon Aug 08, 11:22:00 AM ADT, Anonymous Lisa said...

Oh wow...I have no idea but I know I've cut it really close sometimes. I'm completely phobic about running out of gas so I tend to fill it up at about the halfway mark. When I get really low on gas, I"m a pathetic sight. My palms stomach knots up...I talk to the gas gague at stoplights ("Come on, give me just another two miles, pretty please.")

Oh my god...I need therapy.


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