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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Sad news

I debated with myself for a some time before deciding to post about . If you're not Canadian, you may not be familiar with the story of how she and her waste-of-human-skin ex-husband , kidnapped, raped and then murdered two(or more) teenage girls in Ontario back about 15 years ago, videotaping the entire proceedings. She struck a deal with prosecution and only had to serve a twelve-year sentence, and is now being released.

There's an interesting tidbit in a related story about her.
With prison and Crown officials warning that she is at a risk to commit other crimes after her release, a Quebec judge put strict restrictions on her future freedom during a court hearing in June.

Your tax dollars at work.


At Tue Jul 05, 06:43:00 PM ADT, Blogger Miranda said...

I saw this crawl across cnn last night or the night before but they didn't go into detail about why she's getting out if she's so dangerous. Thanks for explaining that she struck a deal. Here in the U.S. they just did a news story about released sex offenders who are supposed to register with the state when they get out of prison, but they don't. That Shasta Groene was allegedly kidnapped by one such offender. Restrictions like that don't stop anyone from committing crimes.

At Thu Jul 21, 06:20:00 PM ADT, Anonymous melissa said...

I, sadly, have been over whelmed with intigue for the disgusting story of K. Homolka. I was in the USAF serving in South Korea when these unforgivable acts came to surface. Needless to say, I heard very little via the Armed Forces Network. I am having nightmares now as to how I would find Karla and remedy pain and toture on her for her crimes. Its a sad thing to admit, but if it weren't so know the rest. I am also a surviver of a brutal rape and have no mercey when it comes to vicious humans such as that sick "B" Karla and her demonic ex spouse. REST IN HELL KARLA~!!!!


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