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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Restaurant etiquette

Something that strikes a lot of people as is restaurant patrons holding long, and often loud, cell-phone conversations in full view and hearing of the other patrons. I've heard much discussion about that in recent years. And I agree that holding long, loud, and protracted conversations on your cell-phone in the middle of a restaurant is rude, but is it any more rude than anything else that people do that doesn't get as much airtime?

If you're just trying to have a quiet meal, but the group two tables down is loud and rowdy(especially if they're mostly women - this isn't a hit on women, this is merely an observation over many years), is your cell-phone conversation really the rudest thing you can do?

Or, let's say you're just trying to have a nice, quiet meal, but somebody in the next booth keeps . And if I pick up my cell-phone and start jabbering away, who then is ruder, me or the farter?

Inquiring minds want to know.


At Tue Jul 12, 06:07:00 PM ADT, Blogger thordora said...

your conversation doesn't smell.

No worse than attempting to enjoy a nice lunch at the Bay when the table of older than dirt ladies behind me start talking about thier toenails. LOUDLY. And not being able to bend over.

I would prefer farts and cell phones to that...

At Tue Jul 12, 09:52:00 PM ADT, Anonymous Sarah said...

Most people don't fart on I would say the cell phone user. Such a pet peeve of mine!


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