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Thursday, July 07, 2005

Of Live8, or are we really not paying attention?

I haven't watched any of the concerts, I couldn't really see any point. The organizers claimed that the concerts weren't meant to raise any money, they were meant to raise awareness of the problem. Since I was already aware of the in Africa, there wasn't a reason to waste my time.

But that just raises a point of interest. Exactly how ignorant are we considered by the artists that we don't know about the poverty in Africa? It's not as though we haven't been bombarded for years with the various graphic pictures of poverty by the oh-so-many organizations supposedly doing work over there. “Make poverty history!” is the slogan of these concerts. But really, can we, all on our own, make poverty history?

Yes, it is true that our(industrialized world) farming subsidies are probably unfair. But it is also true that billions of aid dollars have been pumped into those countries over the decades, and what have we to show for it? Absolutely nothing, apart from some bulging Swiss bank accounts. Generalized, non-accountable, self-feel-good aid does nothing. Now we're cancelling a part of their debt, making them ready for yet another round of borrow-and-forgive cycles. I wish my credit card company worked like that.

Do people really think that merely dumping more and more and more of our money into those countries is going to ? Isn't repeating the same thing over and over again without any changes and expecting a different outcome the first sign of insanity? Does government aid(which is to say tax dollars) really accomplish anything? What about the big NGOs? Well, we know how well the aid works; what with the scandal and all that, I don't know if I'd trust the UN to administer my bank account.

My idea is this. Eliminate all aid to countries that are bottomless pits where money is concerned. Poverty is no excuse for the “leaders” to simply divert all that money to Swiss bank accounts or building palaces. How much can we give to a country that routinely demolishes existing housing for no good reason?

Roman Senator: “Shall we continue to build palace after palace for the rich, or shall we aspire to a higher calling and build decent housing for the poor? What says the Senate?”
Roman Senate: “Fuck the poor!
Roman Senator: “Good,” and sits down.
----- History of the World - Part I ------

For how many more years are we required to dump billions of tax dollars into those cesspools? I've been watching the aid commercials for decades now, and I would feel them worthwhile if I saw progress. And nobody's going to convince me that a few billion more is going to help. They won't, and I think a new approach is required. The countries must show progress, they must have a plan, and they must deal switly and strongly with corruption that sucks up all that aid money.

Will it happen? I don't know, but for the sake of all those people, you'd better hope so.

Posted July 6th, 2005:
Do I really want to post about and ? Yeah, I think I do. This is just a marker, an I-owe-you-an-article as it were, I'll put actual content here a bit later.


At Fri Jul 08, 05:10:00 PM ADT, Anonymous AMI said...

Good points. Your post is part of Live 8's success. I think possibly organizers share your thoughts more closely than you may suspect.

Someone sees a seemingly hopeless situation and wants to try to 'do something' to bring hope through subsequent action.

Your post is action. Others are beginning to take action. Dialogue is how it must start, not writing checks. Full aggreement.

Thanks for starting some (dialogue).

Wouldn't hurt for drug companies to send drugs till they can make or buy their own.

Wouldn't hurt for farms to send food with the help of all inolved to transport, for now, till they can stabilize their own.

Do they need to develop? They just probably just need to be left alone. 20/20 hindsight.

Somebody needs to stop so many of my species from dying, if we really are such an advanced species. What can I do to help?


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