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Monday, July 25, 2005

How useless can you get?

So a study was performed and determined that US online users don't know the meaning of certain Internet terms, and the story lists a bunch of them. Terms, that is, not users. What it doesn't answer, however, is whether the US users are hurt by their lack of knowledge? I'm relatively savvy, but until quite recently, even I didn't know what podcasting is. But really, so what?

People find out when they need to. Somewhere in the sphere of friends and acquaintances that orbits every person, is the knowledge they need, and they'll get it in due time. Of the three terms that Americans supposedly don't know, phishing is the most worrisome, because that is the more dangerous one. But podcasting and RSS feeds? Piffle! I say. Ptui.

Of course, the article doesn't actually provide a link to the study, so there's no way to tell what their sample audience was, though they admit that the young surfers and those who spend more time online are more likely to know the terms. Which, of course, is self-evident.

So the question remains: so what?


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