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Friday, July 08, 2005

The Great Ice Wall of Beresford, NB - 2003

I suddenly remembered that I had these pictures, and wanted to share them.

A few years ago, there was an interesting winter phenomenon in Beresford, NB(the second town north-west of Bathurst marked on the map, on Hwy 11). It seems that the prevailing winds and currents had pushed a huge unto the shoreline, and as it climbed higher and higher, it broke up into large rectangular shapes. For a while, it became a relatively major tourist attraction that the local government officials kept trying to discourage, on the grounds that it created traffic problems that the town wasn't equiped to deal with. Personally, I think it was all a smoke screen to get as many people to come to view it(and spend money in the local economy) as possible. There was even talk of evacuating the houses closest to the shoreline because there was fear they were being threatened by the encroaching ice, but then the winds changed and it wasn't a danger anymore. There hasn't been anything like that since.

Ice Wall, 2003 Posted by Picasa

Ice Wall, 2003 Posted by Picasa

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