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Saturday, July 23, 2005

China and the Internet

There was much discussion on the web about Microsoft expanding its network into by allowing the Chinese authorities to people's . Or, at least, the discussion was on that part of the Internet that doesn't originate in China itself. Now, here's the thing. In surfing for credits on , and before it, , I have not come across a single Chinese blog. Nor have I had any hits from inside China itself.

Which, in itself, it oddly weird. I've been getting hits from all over Middle East and even Africa. I've had hits from and , but not China itself. Of course, my blog is in English, and there is quite a bit of a language barrier, but there're plenty of hits from non-English countries already. And randomly surfing the web, I've come across many other non-English blogs, and many blogs from and .

So, on first glance, the Chinese don't blog, or at least, don't blog in English. Nor do they surf BlogSpot blogs. And then there's this story. So the Chinese authorities block whole domains, and make people register their blogs with Da Man. So Microsoft's act of profit over morality is really minor, in the grand scheme of all things Chinese. The Chinese barely blog now, so how much will Microsoft's betrayal of basic Western really affect them?

Probably a lot. There's more to all this than just a few blogs. A major Western corporation has just spit on the very thing that made it the success that it is. Will it be allowed to get away with it?

Of course, what really is the difference between a corporation allowing a country to continue doing what it normally does anyway and a corporation moving its high-tech and low-tech facilities from the West to a third-world country just to save a few bucks?

And don't any of you anarchist/socialist fools take that as a call to go postal and commit acts of violence. None of you care about Western morality anyway, so don't use this as an excuse.


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