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Sunday, June 19, 2005

When did Canada's child labour laws get repealed?

I went to do some grocery shopping on Friday, and apart from the fact that they have completely redesigned the store to the point that I couldn't find anything, I noticed one interesting thing. When, exactly, did 's get repealed? I swear, there were kids working there that couldn't have been more than 12 or 13. Some of them seemed to be hawking some weird charity or other that I never heard of before, but others were doing actual work.

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not saying they were doing a bad job or were rude, but I just found it weird seeing kids that young cutting up vegetables for display in a store. They'd better be getting paid for this, or at least not work for free, as far as the store is concerned. The question really is, however, whether or not we want to have kids that young working outside the home. It's one thing to make your kids wash the dishes or peel the potatoes for a family meal(they have to learn sometime, after all), but I think it's a whole new game when you send them off to pack vegetable racks at the local supermarkets.


At Sun Jun 19, 11:37:00 AM ADT, Blogger thordora said...

I assume you were accosted at the Superstore-I always feel like Oliver Twist going in there-"would you like to support my totally useless trip to Halifax, which I could have a paper route to raise money for, but instead I'll ruin your bread for change"

It's wrong. No one lets these kids be kids. If someone told me at 13 I had to spend hours at the grocery store to raise money for some trip or club, I would have told them where to put that idea.

And I can never find anything in these stores either...sigh


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