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Thursday, June 02, 2005

Weird dreams

So I've been having weird dreams lately. One is repetetive and the other was not.

The first weird dream was of my old apartmet in Kiev(yes, I know they don't spell it like that anymore, but why should I care?). It was a huge thing, unlike the apartments that people lived in in other buildings, and it had the added advantage of being completely private, which most people didn't have, at least most people that we knew. It had two bedrooms with large closets, a giant living room with an equally giant closet, a vestibule, a toilet room, a bath room, and a kitchen. It had parquet floors throughout, except the kitchen and the toiletry. I seem to have relatively clear memories of this apartment, despite not having lived there in almost thirty years.

When I was very young, before my grandmother died, my parents and I lived in this apartment with my grandparents. When my grandfather remarried and moved across town, we basically inherited this apartment, while still keeping his name on the apartment. His new wife's name was on the other apartment, and the end-result was that we had ours all to ourselves. You see, the Russians had a great idea for saving money on building apartments and adding infrastructure to a city: they simply crammed unrelated families into apartments and called it a wash. Why build more buildings when you can simply combine families. It also did wonders for the divorce rate: almost no point in getting a divorce if the ex has to keep living with you because there aren't any other apartments for him to move to.

So, in the eyes of many of our friends and neighbours, we were rich beyond dreams of avarice. We may not have had a lot of money, and we may not have had a car, and we often didn't have a lot of food, but the one thing we did have was an apartment all to ourselves. And not just any old apartment. No, this baby was rebuilt by German slave labour acquired at the end of WWII(ie., prisoners of war). If there's one thing Germans are good at, it's building things: tanks, planes, ships, bombs, bombed out apartment buildings. And this thing was no exception. Unlike the Russian-built buildings around it, this baby stood the test of time and barely had any problems., even with the almost non-existent maintenance the Russians performed on a oh-so-rare basis. The German who worked on that particular apartment even lived with my grandparents and I can remember hearing that “he was really a very nice guy”.

The other great feature of this apartment was a huge balcony, all made out of metal(iron, probably), and a grate for a floor. We didn't really have lawn chairs back in the old country, so there wasn't much sitting on balconies in those days, but we improvised. We kept our dogs there, in a doghouse my father built out of materials I still don't know where he got.

This dream has reminded me of things I've almost forgotten, so I think I'll blog about them later.

The repetetive dream is of some young(though legal) thing drying me off after a shower. My current guess is that it is a premonition of a fantasy I'm going to have when I'm old, decrepit and being kept in a nursing home and bathed by a nurse. I'm going to need the fantasy because the nurse isn't going to be some young(though legal) thing worthy of a dream.


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