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Monday, June 13, 2005

Tasting of the forbidden fruit

Today I have violated every propriety known to man. I commited an unpardonable sin, a sin whose very definition was unfortunately lost when the third tablet was dropped by Moses thereby destroying the final five commandments. Scour the other sacred texts, and you will find no mention of this sin. Had the elders who had written the sacred texts been aware that such a thing was even possible, they surely would've codified it with the pages of their most glorious books. Sadly, however, this shall forevermore be known as the Unknown Sintm!

So, to wit! Being hungry and having neglected to do shopping, I had very little in terms of edible foodstuffs in the house. So, I figured that baked fish, whole kernel corn and raisin bread would make an excellent dinner. Surprisingly, though, it was. It never fails to amaze how versatile raisin bread really is. You can have it with anything, anything at all. Especially this kind of raisin bread, which is basically reguarl dark rye break baked with nuts and raisins. Mmmm... Yummy!


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