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Saturday, June 11, 2005

Stupid news story

There's a story on CNN that caught my attention. Basically, it's about a six year old girl that was killed by a car while trying to save a turtle crossing a highway. Apparently, her mother had pulled over so they could help and the girl, an animal lover, darted out and was killed. Now, I've seen some comments around the blogosphere(exactly where, I can't remember) about this story and there's much ooohing and aaahing about how sad this story is. I'm sorry, but I simply don't see it that way.

This story isn't sad. What it is is moronic and stupid. First, the mother. She pulls over to help a turtle(which doesn't appear to have asked for or needed said help), and somehow the girl escapes from the car. Aren't six year-olds supposed to be in child seats, and if so, how did she get out of the car? How did she so quickly undo her seat belt, get out of the child seat, open the door and dash out of the car? So quickly, in fact, that her mother didn't have any time to react?

Second, this is what you get when you devalue human life so much that you equate it's worth with animals. This is what comes from countless animal rights groups harping on this and harping on that. This is what comes of PETA getting it's collective bondage thong in an uproar over an animal used to murder people. This is what comes of slamming on the brakes while driving so a small animal on the side can continue ignoring the road(I was in the car when somebody did that). This is what comes of claiming that we, as humans, aren't worth anything more than the smallest bug.

Decades ago, in the Soviet Union, an eighteen year old boy was posthumously awarded a medal for getting himself killed while trying to save a burning tractor. This happened decades before I was born, but I clearly remember in school being taught that what he did was heroic and we should all try to emulate him because, get this, the tractor, unlike all of us meat people, is irreplaceable. It wasn't until recently that they finally agreed that they were wrong to deify him like that, that he should've saved himself and not the tractor, which was destroyed regardless.

But this all boils down is that we are the dominant life form on this planet, and we are dominant for a reason. We build civilizations(we destroy them, too, but that's a different matter). We create art. We learn about the universe at large. We communicate our history to our progeny. We help beached whales. To allow a child to come to harm over a turtle on a busy highway is, in my opinion, criminal.


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