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Friday, June 03, 2005

SG1 banter

Ever since Season VIII of Stargate: SG1 started showing, I felt there really wasn't much in the way of the hilarity that is the dialog on that show. Mostly, I think, this is due to the fact that O'Neill doesn't go on off-world missions anymore, and having a deskjob I guess isn't conducive to irritating one's enemies with banter. The two-part episode, “The Reconning”, however, rectified that to some degree.

Baal: “That one.”
Selmak: “How do you know?”
Baal: (smirking) “I'm a God, all-knowing.”
Carter: (makes a change to a control and looks at a screen) “Good.”
Selmak: (sneering) “Lucky guess.”
Carter: “What next?”
Baal: (points) “That one.”
Carter: (makes a change and looks at a screen) “That took us in the wrong direction.”
Baal: (Just stands there looking surprised)
Selmak: (smirking) “All-knowing, huh?”


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