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Friday, June 17, 2005

Reality and the world of 3D - Part 12

3D - Continued 2

If you have never read the previous parts of my “Reality and the world of 3D” essay, please take a moment and read them before continuing. All the links can be found in the sidebar on the right. Thank you very much.

In the previous sections, you learnt what reality is and what 3D computer graphics allows the artist to do and how it works. You also learnt to look at reality on an object-by-object way. Let's now put it all together and see how reality relates to 3D computer graphics.

First, let's recap a very important question. What is “3D computer graphics”? At it's simplest, “3D computer graphics” are images generated by a computer based on information provided to it in a 3-dimensional, computer-stored space. It may include life-like representations of people, animals, worlds or even simple geometric forms or objects such as spheres, pyramids and cubes. These generated images are represented on a 2-dimensional grid and uses converging lines(and other techniques) to simulate depth.

There's the key operative word: simulate. That's all “3D computer graphics” really are, simulations. And not complete simulations, either. If you make a scene taking place inside a warehouse that has no windows, there is no need to simulate the outside world. In other words, when we're creating our 3D scenes, we're only creating them only so far as the camera can see.

“Camera?” Yes. In 3D software, all the regular photographic concepts such as cameras and lights apply.

Let's change tracks for a moment, and discuss the nature of universe. We haven't done that yet, we've only discussed the objects and forces in nature itself. No, this isn't going to be one of those metaphysical Star Trek type discussions.
Dr. Crusher: “If there's nothing wrong with me, maybe there's something wrong with the Universe.”

Dr. Crusher: “Here's a question you shouldn't be able to answer. Computer, what is the nature of universe?”
Computer: “The universe is a spheroid object seven hundred meters of diameter.”
---- Star Trek TNG: Remember Me

No, what we're going to discuss is the diversity of the Universe. Please stay tuned... In fact, the Universe is infinitely diverse, and it is a diversity that is extremely difficult, if not impossible, for a computer to represent.

Please stay tuned for more...


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