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Friday, June 10, 2005

Political Correctness run amok!

Now, I can certainly understand that if you preferred to do crack with your friends rather than pay attention to your studies, you might be jealous of those who actually persevered in school and learnt to spell and that as a result of that, you might want for spelling to be simplified so you wouldn't feel quite so bad about yourself, during those few lucid times, at least.

But why would any sane individual want to impose these changes on others? If word spellings change over time, then so be it. But to lobby for the change? You've got to be kidding me! And then to actually go out and form an organization called The Simplified Spelling Society and picketed the Spelling Bee competitions just goes beyond the pale.

But what really takes the cake, however, is wanting to change English spelling because immigrants find it difficult. Immigrants? Who cares about them? If they're not willing to learn the language of their new country, they're graciously invited to stay where they are. I can see no reason to accomodate them in that respect.

If these people think the level of illiteracy is high because of English spelling, I invite them to study at a Ukrainian school in Kiev in the 1970s, which taught Russian, Ukrainian and English to Grade III students all at the same time, and successfully, too, and actually taught English before teaching Russian. Americans, and for that matter Canadians, should be outraged that there are groups out there that think they're too stupid to learn to spell even one language when other countries routinely teach multiple languages simultaneously.

Yes, English is a weird language. Yes, English is often difficult for foreigners, but what language isn't. But for all its weirdness, an English essay is often shorter than a comparative French one. But that's not even the point. Let the bloody language evolve, don't legislate changes. What these people want to do is take the lowest common denomenator and lower everybody else down to that level, whereas we should be striving for the opposite. We should be educating those who don't have English skills, not glorifying their ignorant and slovenly spelling.


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