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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Personal anti-aircraft batteries

Why aren't we allowed to have them? The office parking lot was the other day, and the damn bombers were squatting in the corner, looking ready to go out on another raid. They were all -class strategic bombers, capable of obliterating any target they chose. Able to refuel and rearm at any nearby body of water(or a park with little old ladies present), they can deliver punishing damage to the blackness of asphalt and the beauty of cityscapes, as well as causing devastating collateral damage. The sound of their approach strikes terror into the stoutest of hearts, and all Men tremble as the come into view.

Since they leave a radar signature that looks like that of a bird, SAM installations generally ignore them until it is too late. The only effective way to defeat them is with shoulder-mounted, eyeball-aimed, direct-fire energy cannon in the fifty-megawatt range. However, such weapons are illegal because, it was claimed, too many Bat-class night-assault fighters were being mistakenly shot down by an untrained civilian populace. I think it's a , however, and a pretty bad one, too; there has never been any evidence that any Bat-class fighters had been shotdown that didn't need it.. There is evidence, however, that the manufacturer of the ShitHawk to the tune of 5.6193052 quadrillion dollars. Such abuse of the lobby process must stop; our government is for everyone, not just the tm.

We must join together, my friends, to lobby for the right to conceal about our person and to carry in public heavy energy weapons. Our parking lots, our buildings, our wives and children, and our very bodies are at risk. We must have the means to defend ourselves!


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