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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Of spell-checkers, or why it's important to spell properly

There are idiots out there trying to dumb down the English language because they're too stoopid to learn to spell and think the rest of us are too(as opposed to dee two :->). But spelling immediately separates those who know the English language from those who don't, and that's a very important distinction, especially in the business world. Even in the blogosphere, it is valuable. Why should I waste my valuable time on a blog whose writer doesn't take the trouble to spell his or her posts correctly, thereby forcing me to try to interpret what the writer meant to say. Of course I understand that typos will appear no matter what; we're not professional editors, after all. At least, most of us aren't.

And no, I'm not talking about running your article through Blogger's auto-spell feature and let it go at that. After al, you're sentence maybe wrong, butt they're checker want now about it(by the way, this sentence passes Blogger's spell check, but words blog and Blogger do not - go figure). Not knowing how to spell and wallowing in your ignorance is not exactly an inducement for me to return to your blog. It is just not a well-thought out blog that I'm looking for, but one that's a pleasure to read. This doesn't mean that my blog's perfect and can't be improved, it means that I enjoy reading those blogs that have a well-written article.

It's not just blogs that are a problem. Usenet is just as bad and Heaven help you if you browse the graphic art sites. Those people revel in their ignorance and flame anyone who questions them about it. So why is spelling important? It's not that it shows off your education, it's that it shows you're able to communicate legibly. Not all communication is verbal, and if all you can do is write in IRC chat style, I don't want you anywhere near official communications.

P.S. I'm sure people will find typos in the preceding. I apologize in advance.


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