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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Of hockey, and the insanity of the people who pay for it!

Yes, that means YOU! If you're a hockey fan and do more than just watch it on broadcast TV, you are paying for this stupidity! Two stories have caught my attention, here and here. When you take away all the bullshit, what it all boils down to is people who are making millions of dollars are fighting for a bigger share of your dollars. You are paying irrelevant men unconscioable sums of money to deny you the right to an entertainment to which you're entitled, and which they claim they do for the love of the game. If the working conditions of being a hockey player are so intollerable and the pay so ludicrously low, why, surely they can do what countless other people in other industries have done, often against their will: they can get a new job, one that pays more money and the conditions are much conducive to living the good life.

Oh, wait, that's right! There aren't any such jobs. A hockey career is basically one without consequences, unless you put another player in the hospital. You can be part of a horrible team and not win a game in ages, but you're all but assured fan loyalty anyway(the Toronto Maple Leafs). And fan loyalty equates to dollars. And yet, it is you, the loyal public, that gets screwed whenever the players and the owners get into a spat. And y'all will to take it. Sad, so sad.


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