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Sunday, June 26, 2005

Of Barbarians, Destruction, and other such hilarity

For some reason, cable's been running and . Personally, I always prefered ; always felt a little over-done in places, like that ridiculous attack on Conan masquerading as an invitation right at the beginning. It was also heavily toned down, both the sex and the blood splashing, the reason for which I'm not entirely certain.

Both are great movies, and 's at the top of his form for them both. But what about the women? No sword-and-sorcery movie would be complete without them. Well, Barbarian had and Destroyer had . Yes, I know it also had , but I try to forget that, though I must admit the scene with the rats was pretty funny.

Hmmm... Women swinging weapons... Every man's dream. , anyone? Or perhaps the penultimate faux-les(s) ? Are there even any currently-producing sword-and-sorcery type shows on TV right now? I miss the genre.


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