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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Bashing Americans for fun and status

There's a story about a crazy Cannuck who tried carrying an assortment of weapons across the Canada/US border from New Brunswick and was let through by US Border Service. This story is used to say “See how stupid they are? They see a man carrying all those weapons covered in blood and they let him in.” Except, as it turns out, they didn't know it was blood and they couldn't actually keep him out, since he has dual citizenship, Canadian and US. It also seems that on the day he crossed the border he was due in a Canadian court for sentencing on assault charges. So, a man due to be sentenced is out wandering Canadian streets and that's OK, but the fact that Americans let through an American citizen not wanted by them for anything is not? Get a grip, people, get a grip!

Story link updated June 23, 2005


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