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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

What a great show that could've been

Some of you may or may not know, but Star Trek: Enterprise, has been cancelled. They're running the last five episodes of the series now, I guess through the end of May, or so. Ratings have always been pretty bad for the show, and the story lines pretty pathetic. They had to turn it into a soap opera for a year to make it survive. That was last season; this season's story lines were pretty pathetic, even by Enterprise standards. Even the theme music/song was pathetic, and had been since the very beginning.

The last two episodes, however, could've been made into an excellent spin-off all on its own. The music and the introductory scenes were an excellent departure from the standard Enterprise put-you-to-sleep crapola. The episodes dealt with the evil twin universe of Star Trek, where things are not just a little different from our universe, but also evil. Their empire isn't a particularly nice entity, and it likes to kill people who disagree with it. Members of Starfleet are basically animals who enjoy torturing and murdering one another, and sometimes, the “Captain's woman” actually has duties other than just sleeping with guy in charge.

They're brutal, unprincipled, they love their Empire and don't want to see it fall, and most importantly, the women all wear really skimpy sexy versions of the regular Star Trek uniforms. They also all wear knives, of course, and they're not afraid to use them. They're not all beyond redemption, of course. Sometimes they give you a glimpse of humanity and actual, unabashed love.

And what a show that could've been. Imagine a Star Trek universe that isn't sterile, where humans are not the good guys they're most always portrayed as, where they don't always win, and where their motivations are always ambigous. And with that introductory music. it might have been incredible! Oh well! Guess we'll never know, now. Too bad.


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