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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Remembering silly movies

Here're a few of the silly movies I've seen and mostly enjoyed:
  1. Shaun of the Dead - great societal satire and spoof of zombie movies - better done than most zombie movies
  2. Kung Pow: Enter the Fist - a hilarious spoof of all things Kung Fu - done by taking a real Kung Fu flick, digitally editing out one character, digitally editing in a brand new, Caucasian, character and redubbing the entire sound track, including dialog
  3. Starship Troopers - related to the Heinlen book by implication only, it is visually spectacular and also wildly illogial - even the completely out-of-the-blue and gratuitous nude shower scene doesn't make up for all the problems
  4. Evil Words - a Quebec film that doesn't look like it's from Quebec - a horror story about a psychiatrist battling a priest gone evil - French with English subtitles, it's one of the best Quebec films I've ever seen
  5. Karmina & Karmina 2 - hillarious vampire flicks from Quebec - French attempts at making weird slang dialog is a wonder to behold
  6. Freddy vs Jason - Two immortal evil dudes battle it out to the... well, not death, I guess... because of a practical joke
  7. Jason X - two babes from Andromeda sure light up the screen in reversed roles - Jason goes on a rampage aboard a transport ship in the 25th century, then manages to crash into a lake on an Earth-look-alike
  8. Flesh Gordon - a soft-core porn take on the old Flash Gordon series - a hilarious introduction to porn for the whole family - added at 10:50pm


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