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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Reality and the world of 3D - Part 11

3D - Continued 1

When we look at the world around us, we recognize things for what they are. They are people, they are cars, they are buildings, they are airplanes, fridges, stoves, TV sets, computers, and an almost infinite number of other objects around us every day. Each we recognize by its shape, noise, smell and feel. Sometimes we may recognize something as an object type, but not an exact object name. For example, many of us would recognize a machine, but we may not known what kind of machine it is.

So, as people, we rely on our varied senses, as well as memory, deduction and reasoning, to determine the function of the forms around us. Even animals do it, to a degree. You cannot expect a dog to understand what a computer it is, but it certainly can tell its own sleeping place from the other dogs'. This is where “reality carries its own conviction” comes in.

Objects on a photograph look real because they are real. When a light shines on a pane of glass, it affects the way it looks, it adds reflection and refraction, depending on the type of glass and the light. When you see a car sitting on the ground, you see the part of the tire touching the ground deformed as the weight of the vehicle rests on it. After a rain shower, most things are wet, and quite a few of them are reflective, but not entirely. Roads are uneven, as are the rain puddles on them.

What all this means is that in the real world, the world of photography, each object behaves according to its design, automatically, and with very little interference from you. Things in the real world simple are, you do not need to fake them. Now, it is true, that photography can also be misdirection and special effects, but that isn't what the real world is generally all about.

In the next section, we will begin our discussion on how it all relates to 3D computer graphics. Please stay tuned.


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