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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Of modern technology, or why do we bother?

So my car died on the weekend, and of course, that sent me into a panic. True, the car is under an extended warranty, but at less than 120,000km, it wasn't a good sign. It turns out, however, that my panic attack was completely unwarranted(though kinda exciting), it was merely a dead battery.

Now, here's what my problem with all this is. With all the modern computer support they have surrounding the engine and codes that get stored whenever there's a problem, you'd think the car would realize the battery isn't charging anymore and actually warn me ahead of time. All it really had to do was light up the “Service Engine Soon” light, and I would've taken it in to be checked out. But, why oh why should the first indication of a problem be the fact that my remotes will no longer lock the doors, which was kinda weird 'cause they'd unlock successfully.

I owned a Chev Beretta, which had the most useless of status indicator displays, despite having a digital dash. The Olds Achieva was somewhat better, the codes could actually show something useful, and the Olds Intrigue has the most active status indicators: they light up at the merest suggestion of a problem, but they still can't detect a dying battery.

How's that for modern technology?


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