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Saturday, May 21, 2005

"Me, me, take a picture of me!"

I was at Pizza Hut the other day, watching people. Oh, and eating, of course. To the left of me were a husband and wife and their very pregnant daughter. I don't actually know she was their daughter, she might have been a daughter-in-law. She was pretty young, too, relatively speaking, and for a while I thought it might have been one of those teenage pregnancy thingies, but then I saw a ring on her hand, so it might not have been. Of course, as a single man, I can't tell one kind of ring from another, so I could be wrong there.

At a table further away, sat a family out for what looked like a birthday celebration. Father, two kids(a boy and a girl), and one set of grandparents. The kids were pretty well behaved, actually, but the little girl had a problem. She absolutely hated to have a picture taken of somebody other than her. She would actually pout and tears would start forming in her eyes as she watched her father take a picture of her brother. And then, oh happy day!, he would turn that camera on her and all else would be forgotten. She'd swarm into her grandmother's arms and then pose with an abandon only kids can muster.

Then she'd demand to see the pictures, and her father would say, “It's not a digital camera, honey,” and she'd be all dissapointed again. Then her stomach would remind her that she was still hungry, and she'd forget about the pictures. But I'm sure that she was going to be counting the years(days in adult time) until the pictures would get developed and printed.


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