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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Of wind turbines, or are we there yet?

One of the more interesting things I came across during my day-trip to P.E.I. last Saturday was the wind turbine test centre in northern PEI. As you're driving up, you can see these things from quite a distance away. As you get closer, you begin to realize what a constant distraction they are, since they're always(or almost always) spining. They also hum, a constant, dronning humming noise that's right out of every power hum noise in myrriad sci-fi movies. Do you want these things in your backyard?

If they build large farms of these some place out of the way, you still need to build massive power transmission lines and towers, you need roads, you need parts to maintain them, you people to maintain them. Do the turbines work at all wind speeds, all directions and at all times? What about the noise polution? There've been reports that wind turbine farms alter wind patterns for the area they're in.

I'm not saying they're evil and should be discarded; that would be like the econut lobby always saying how evil nuclear plants are and how they should be discarded. I'm saying that before we start wholesale switching from traditional and proven power sources, we should know what all the costs are going to be.

These pictures were taken in a wind turbine testing facility in PEI in April/2005

It's big, the turbine
Testing the wind turbines
Closeup of the wind turbine
Testing the wind turbines
Turbine, and what it looks like your back yard
Wind turbine testing farm

It's big, the turbine


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