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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Of sour grapes, and the wrath of dairy

Here in Atlantic Canada, two things that supermarkets don't seem to carry in the regular dairy sections is proper sour cream and yogurt. They carry something called “Artificially Soured Sour Cream”. I don't really know much about it, other than the fact that it tastes like crap. It's rubbery and it looks horrible. Put it in soup, and it just clumps. As for yogurt, they carry a lot of the fruitty kind, the kind I don't want, and they also carry absolute garbage. You have to go to the Natural Foods section to find good natural sour cream and yogurt.

This is all very weird, because the same supermarkets in Toronto carry these products in their regular dairy sections. It's almost as though the local milk Marketing Boards make the retailers sell crap in the regular sections, but the good stuff in the Natural Foods section. Weird.

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