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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Of Kink, or why should we accept what they tell us?

There's a program on TV called Kink. It usually runs on the Canadian perversion channel, aka ShowCase. A few days ago, they ran a show about the gay Montreal S&M crowd. The things they showcased on that day were beyond belief, but the most incredible thing is what they expected of us, the viewing public.

The whole thing boils down to is that they want acceptance, and they won't settle for being ignored. It has to OK with us for them to do what they do, it seemed to me. They seem to fail to understand that most people simply don't care enough about them, one way or another. If they want to take all their clothes off, put on a horse bridle modified to fit a (fat) human male, stick a bit in their mouths, put hooves on their hands(so both they and their feet can reach the floor easily), prance around and make horsey sounds, well that's fine by me. Who am I to stand in the way of someone's idea of a good time?

But please, in private. I really don't want to see that sort of thing outside on some parade. This whole idea of publically accepting all modes of behaviour is absurd. It's unnecessary, and I think there's something to be said for tolerance with a line. “We, as a society, will tolerate your behaviour this far, and no further.” And that line should be “ what happens between consenting adults behind closed doors is between them only”.

In every society, there has to be structure, there have to be limits, there have to be rules. So long as we are not hunting the perverts or hurting them or denying them jobs or anything else that limits their choices in life, why should we have to accept, as opposed to tolerate, every life style out there? I don't inflict my 3D artwork, which isn't nearly as kinky as what I saw on that show, on the general public. It's publically accessible, of course, but the public has to know where to go look for it. It's an active choice they have to make, to look for it; they're not passive recipients of it.


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